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Living in the magical world of the elves is a young girl, Sophie Foster. Keeper of the Lost Cities is a nine-book series about the life of the elves. The protagonist, Sophie Foster, found out she was an elf when she was twelve years old. This book series is about the life of Sophie Foster and her adventures with her friends, family, the Black Swan, and many of the students from the Benjamin Middle School have read this fantastic book series. “I am very excited for the new book to come out,” says seventh grader Hailey Cishke. “I pre-ordered the book months ago, waiting for November 8th.”. Hailey and many students agree that this book series teaches many different things to many different people.

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Sophie Foster has many lessons she learned and is still learning, which makes it perfect for middle schoolers. She understands the value of family and friends in all of her adventures. 

Book nine, Stellarlune, just came out on November 8, 2022. Fans had to wait two years with the cliffhanger at the end of book 8.5. The author, Shannon Messenger, had to postpone the book nine release date by a year because she was on maternity leave. 

she had human parents, foster parents, and biological parents that are still to be determined. 

“I really like reading this book series, the series is exciting and fun,” says seventh-grader Taylor McCorkle. “I love reading this because I like using my imagination while reading and seeing Sophie’s point of view of how her life really is.”

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Keeper of the Lost Cities also teaches the readers very valuable lessons such as to be grateful for what you have. Sophie struggles with losing people she cares about. This book series shows that you must show gratitude to your family and be grateful for them. Sophie had to live in many different homes and environments throughout her life. she had human parents, foster parents, and biological parents that are still to be determined. 

Seventh grader Gavin Shyroc says he loves the series and learns a lot about it. I think that the series is beautiful in the essence of touching on the problems of a real society glazed yet not sugar-coated by a very sparkly world,” he says. “Primarily, I observed a lot of writing techniques that help me create my own pieces; how to create a falsified reality that embellishes its humor.” 

Many students and teachers were very excited for the ninth book of this series to come out. These books can be purchased anywhere, whether in-store or online– make sure to check them out!