Volleyball 6th and 7th Graders Making Up the Majority of the Team


Charlie Cleveland

Emmie Hill tries to spike the ball on the opponents but the ball went a little too high.

A volleyball team needs leaders, but how the sixth graders affect the team can make a great change. This changes the team outcome at the end badly and, if this happens, that team will crumble. But does it really affect the team that badly? 

The team is huddled up for a timeout listening to coach Inguagiato tell them the game plan. (Charlie Cleveland)

An eighth grader at the Benjamin School, Sloane Touhey said, “If the sixth graders are better than the others, then they should start and be leaders of the team if they outwork the others on the team.’’ These sixth graders are on track to be the leaders of the Middle School team once they grow older and starting with their great skills is amazing for them. These accomplishments for the sixth graders are very important in the long run because they will affect how they perform in high school. Students who are athletes push themselves so hard in school and their sports. Another Benjamin student, Kinzie Bunting said, “I was a sixth-grade starter last year and it was a great accomplishment, but also put a lot of pressure on me and my team.” 

The players and the coaches look at the line judge to see if the ball is in or out. (Charlie Cleveland)

If you heard that there was a sixth grader on your volleyball team how would you feel? Coach Inguagiato said, “I feel that my team is all around ready–even the sixth graders our team will always be prepared. I believe in them and will push them to be the best at all times.’’  

The volleyball team has had a great season and worked together to win a great championship game. The sixth graders had a very difficult challenge, but they overcame it for the team and to show that you don’t have to be the oldest to be the best.