Hard Work Always Pays Off


After winning a team race, Downey stands with a trophy.

Do you enjoy running? A study by Vice says that while there are a large number of runners, only 8% actually enjoy running. And a part of that percent is 8th grader Isabelle Downey. New to the school last year, she has quickly made her impact on the TBS community. “Isabelle is really kind and funny,” says Summer Calix, who will be doing track with Isabelle in fall. “I’m glad to be her friend.” 

Isabelle started running about 3 years ago, and loves it. “It helps me destress and focus on more aspects of my life,” she says. “I enjoy running.” 

Furthermore, since Isabelle loves to run, she does it often. “I run mostly at the high school track, but on Tuesdays we run at Dyer Park to practice hills, ” she says. “And on Sunday we run at Riverbend Park.” Isabelle has won multiple races, alone and as a team. She and the rest of the Benjamin team won the home race on October 8th.

Isabelle has won multiple races. So what does it take to reach her level of dedication to the sport? “During the summer, I do a kinetic running team in NY,” Downey states. She enjoys the sport. Before working out, she usually does high knees and stretches. When asked if there is any advice she would give to people who want to start running, she says, “Do not give up on yourself. Running is more of a mental game than a physical one.”