Students Weigh in on the Best Local Pizza Places


Reecie Hoben

Students receive pizza from Big Apple at the Buc Café during the first vendor lunch of the year on Wednesday, September 8.

Almost everyone can agree on the fact that they like pizza. But not everyone agrees on where to get the best slice. This may be a result of different tastes, or the fact that many members of the TBS community are originally from other parts of the country where the pies are made differently. Some, for example, prefer places that allow a lot of customization in terms of the toppings.

“I like Blaze Pizza because you [can] put the toppings you like on it,” said eighth grader Carter Burden. “I like Hawiian pizza because I’ve liked it my entire life.” 

Blaze Pizza is a national chain that was first founded in Pasadena, California in 2011. In the style of fast casual dining, which is an increasingly successful business concept in the food industry, Blaze is very similar to other restaurants such as Chiptole, Panera, and Bolay. These establishments offer a quick and easy lunch or dinner options that people can customize to their own liking. Also, just like Chipotle, Blaze Pizza has spread like wildfire around the country with over 300 locations in the United States. Blaze is known for having fresh ingredients and trying to make its pizzas as healthy as possible. Also, famous NBA player LeBron James invested $1million into the company in 2012, and now that investment has grown to include 19 locations and a $35 million profit. The closest Blaze Pizzas to TBS are in Sims Creek Plaza (1697 W. Indiantown Rd. in Jupiter) and another on Main Street in Midtown (4665 PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens)

Eighth grader Shay Patel’s favorite pizza spot is Grimaldi’s, a restaurant-style chain that specializes in Brooklyn-style pizza and other Italian food. 

“I like the cheese pizza there,” said Patel. “The cheese pizza is crispy, which is what I like the most.” Founded in New York City in 1990, Grimaldi’s has 41 locations in 11 states, and the nearest location to TBS is found in Downtown at the Gardens. 

Other students, like seventh grader Sophie Vernon, provide traditional pizza delivery places like Domino’s.

“I like it because you can get the pizza thick or thin,” said Vernon, “and I like the dough on the inside.” There are several Domino’s locations around TBS, but the closest one is in Crystal Cove Commons right across McLaren Road.  Dominos may be one of the most popular pizza places in the country, and it was started in Ypsilanti, Michigan in the 1960s. 

While some students enjoy the ease and convenience of the larger pizza chains, others prefer the smaller mom and pop outfits. 

“My favorite pizza place is County Line Pizza because my family goes there for special occasions,” said seventh grader Wyatt LeFevre. “I like the cheese and pepperoni there.” County Line Pizza is a family-owned operation that has been in Juno Beach since the 1960s. It has a 4.3 rating on Google, and customers can order delivery, take out, or dine in. 

Do you have a favorite pizza place near TBS? If so, let us know  in the comments below.