Club Opinions

            Clubs are back at TBS. Middle School clubs have been in session since the start of the pandemic, so no student has participated in a Middle School club before this year. There is a fair amount of hopeful and positive thoughts for the future of clubs for this year. 

“I think clubs are a great thing,” said MS Science Department Chair Matthew Oster. “And I almost wish they were after school, so we could spend more time with them and have students who are truly interested in your club.”

Oster teaches the Brilliant Minds Club. It is a club where students can learn about some of the most intelligent people to ever live. Teachers are not the only ones who are hopeful about clubs this year. 

“I think that clubs are really good because there is a very eclectic range of options,” said seventh grader Isabella Anthon. “There is one club that everybody was signing up for, boys’ volleyball, which has been highly requested as a sport in the Middle School. There is something for everybody, [such as] crafts club, chess club, music club, and sports clubs, like wiffle ball and boys’ volleyball.”

Isabella had done clubs in Lower School, having been at TBS for a long time, while some other students have only been here for a short time. 

“Honestly, I have not had much experience with clubs because we did not do them last year,” said eighth grader Aidan McCorkle. “I’m happy [that clubs are back] because I think it is a good opportunity to build new friendships and meet new people.”

The clubs, having had their first meeting on the fourteenth of November, are just getting started on their way toward a great year.