Students Petition New Study Hall Schedule

Picture of organized pencils.


Picture of organized pencils.

  Teachers introduced end-of-the-day study halls in quarter two, and students are unhappy.
Since the start of the new quarter in October, students have begun to have study hall at the end of the day. In quarter one, this short 30-minute period has after lunch. It is a time to give students a chance to complete homework, study for upcoming tests or quizzes, and have a break from classes. The teacher announced in the assembly early on in quarter two that study hall times would be changed to the last period three out of the five days in school. This new schedule applies to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, also reading incentive days. Some think that end-of-the-day study halls give more opportunities for students to complete their homework from all classes. “I wasn’t the one who suggested the change,” the Dean of Students, Mr. Nicolas Crisafi, says. “I know that some students were talking to Mr. Hagy about having study hall at the end of the day, at least on Mondays.” 

The statistics from a survey sent to the Middle School students. (Google Forms)

Why are students upset about this? Most think study hall should stay after lunch, giving them a resting period between the morning and afternoon classes. Many have complained, but no action has been taken. Now students are taking things into their own hands. 

Rumors of petitions have been present in all three grade levels, but seventh graders are the only ones to create a document formally. Four students had written the petition to Mr. Charles Hagy, Head of the Middle School.

A landslide majority, the Middle School students were ready to take action. (Google Forms)

We, on behalf of the students of Benjamin middle school, believe that the current timing of Study Hall at the end of the day is learning us to work less efficiently, be less productive, and generally be less prepared for our classes throughout the day…with a minimum 50% of middle school students signing this petition, we feel that this issue warrants your full consideration.

Since the seventh graders started the petition, over seventy students across all grade levels have signed it. Although a minimum number of signatures has not been set, the goal of the students is to get at least half of the middle school students. Co-founder of the petition Keira Compiani comments on the document. “I think we’ll get a lot of students to sign because I already know a bunch of people who want to, and we just started [planning],” says Compiani. “I know it will be an easy decision for many students .” These same students have also brought the issue up with the student council and are yet to hear a response. Once enough signatures are collected, the petition will be presented to Mr. Hagy and possibly Mr. Crisafi, who have yet to comment on the subject.

Since the petition’s publishing, over 66% of the middle school, including five teachers, signed. Founders presented the proposition to Mr. Hagy, and awaited the results during winter break. Upon returning to school in the New Year, faculty announced in assembly that study hall would be returned to after lunch.