NFL Off-Season Recap

This 2022 NFL offseason was one of the most historic in NFL history. There were trades and signings that the league did not see coming. Now that the dust has begun to settle, we are going to break down all the trades, grade them, and see what our classmates think about the chaos of this offseason.

Tyreek Hill Traded To The Miami Dolphins

If you said to anybody that Tyreek Hill would have been traded at the beginning of the off-season, they would have been laughing at you. The Miami Dolphins made a huge splash by trading a 2022 first-round pick (No. 29), a second-round pick (No. 50), and a fourth-round pick, plus fourth- and sixth-round picks in the 2023 draft. Hill is going to be a huge part of

New Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill is looking ready in his new uniform.

this offense, and the Dolphins just got a  great receiver to transform this offense. One player that benefited well from this is Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. He now has a playmaker that can make plays when needed. Although they had Jaylen Waddle, he will drop to the second Wide Receiver on the roster making this receiver room scary fast. There now seems to be a bright path ahead for this Dolphins team under new head coach Mike McDaniel who they recently hired during the offseason as well.

Trade Grade: A

Life-long Dolphins fan Aidan Brown gave his insight on how Tyreek Hill will fit into the offense. “Tyreek Hill’s speed will help the Dolphins a lot throughout the season and he will be a huge playmaker in this fast offense,” said Brown.

Davante Adams Traded To The Las Vegas Raiders

Going into the offseason Davante Adams, the Green Bay Packers, and pretty much the whole NFL knew he was going to be a free agent. Despite the Packers offering Adams more money than the Las Vegas Raiders, he chose Vegas to reunite with his college QB Derek Carr. Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders for a first-round pick (No. 22 overall) and a second-round pick (No. 53 overall) in this year’s 2022 NFL Draft.

Davante Adams: Davante Adams looks to have a year in the black and silver with his old college quarterback, Derek Carr.

Trade Grade: A+

Eighth-grader Ryan Smith was very surprised about how the AFC West is shaping out after this trade. “This makes the AFC West easily the most stacked division in football currently. Adams will complement Renfrow and Waller very well,” said Smith. “I think the Raiders have a good shot at winning the division .” 

Tom Brady Returned From Retirement 

Tom “The G.O.A.T.” Brady announced on February 1, 2022, that he was officially retiring from the NFL on social media. His retirement only lasted 40 days since March 13, 2022, when Brady announced that he is coming out of retirement for his 23rd season in the NFL! The question that is going around is, “Will this be Brady’s last NFL season?” This re-signing is a huge win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite his age of 44, it is crucial that Brady is coming back since they just recently franchise-tagged WR Chris Goodwin.

Sign Grade: A

Longtime Tom Brady fan Nicholas Zaccagnino is optimistic about his historic comeback. “He has all of the pieces. I don’t know if he will be as good as last year but he will top 7 in the league for a fact,” said Zaccagnino. 

Aaron Rodgers Signed with the Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay after a devastating divisional playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers. However, before Davantae Adams left to go to Las Vegas, Rodgers signed a three-year 150 million deal, returning with the Packers. With this, Rodgers would be 41 years old in his final year. Will Rodgers win another Super Bowl with this team? With his number one wide receiver leaving he will have a tough road ahead.

Sign Grade: A

Packers fan James Carpenter is excited to see more of Aaron Rodgers despite the team losing his favorite weapon. “I think Aaron Rodgers will keep his ability to play even without Davante Adams. Many receivers will have to step up, especially Allen Lazard. I think he will do so,” said Carpenter.

Russell Wilson Traded To The Denver Broncos

New quarterback Russell Wilson looks determined to help the Denver Broncos go back to their normal Super Bowl winning team shape.

 The Broncos organization is going to look a bit different next year, with a new #3 at QB. Adding onto this crazy offseason for the AFC West, the Denver Broncos secured Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. The powerhouse quarterback division with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Raiders QB Derek Carr, Chargers QB Justin Herbert, and new Broncos Super-Bowl winning QB Russell Wilson makes this division even more ruthless to play in. This trade sends the Seahawks QB Drew Lock, DE Shelby Harris, and TE Noah Fant, two first-round picks, a 2022 second-round pick, a 2023 second-round pick, and a fifth-round pick. On the other side of this trade, the Broncos receive Russell Wilson and a fourth-round pick (No. 116 overall). This Broncos offense made a gigantic turnaround at quarterback and will help this receiving room get to the next level.

Trade Grade: A

With a new quarterback at Mile High, many people are super excited about the Broncos’ future, especially seventh-grader Wyatt LeFevre,  “I am excited to watch him help the rebuild, and hopefully he will bring us back to the playoffs,” said LeFevre.

Deshaun Watson Traded To The Cleveland Browns

This trade is considered the most controversial trade in NFL history. The  Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson for three first-round picks (2022, 2023, 2024), one third-round pick (2023), and one fourth-round pick (2024). This was a huge win for the Browns on the field since Deshaun Watson is a young quarterback. However, this trade comes with a great deal of controversy off the field. Watson requested a trade on the 28th of January, while under investigation for 22 lawsuits for sexual assault. On March 11th, the grand jury said that Watson did not commit any crimes and was proven not guilty. Finally, on the 19th of March, he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. Despite not being found guilty Rodger Goodell and the league committee is still reviewing Deshaun Watson’s allegations and considering a possible suspension. 

Trade Grade: A

Eighth-grader Griffin Miller is thrilled about his new quarterback and is not worried about Watson’s possible suspension, since an experienced quarterback is there to back him up. “Since Watson has an eight-game suspension, Jacoby Brissett will step up,” said eighth-grader Griffin Miller. “The Browns are going to look good this year with new players coming in, and I think Deshaun Watson will be a big factor in this.”

Khalil Mack Traded To The Los Angeles Chargers

 We would be reminisced if we left the offseason recap entirely to the offensive side of the ball. On defense, one of the best linebackers currently in the league, Khalil Mack, was traded to the Los Angeles Chargers. In the trade, the Chicago Bears received a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 sixth-rounder. Mack showed off his ability to play in any circumstance on both the Raiders and Bears. Still going at 31, Mack is a powerhouse on the field that is almost impossible to stop. He is going to continue that on the Chargers against that stacked AFC West division.

Trade Grade: A-

A lot of people are pumped to watch Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa play together including seventh-grader Ty Cohen. “He is a great defensive rusher and he will get a lot of sacks. He and Joey Bosa will be an unstoppable duo,” said seventh-grader Ty Cohen.

Von Miller Signed with the Buffalo Bills

Right before the trade deadline last year, the Denver Broncos traded their best player, Von Miller, to the Los Angeles Rams. Miller and the Rams went on to win the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, after winning the Super Bowl, the star defensive end signed a six-year $120 million deal with the Buffalo Bills. 

Sign Grade: A-

Eighth-grader Madison Jayson is excited to see Super Bowl winning linebacker Von Miller on this incredible Bills defense. “He will provide a pass rush that was sorely missed last year,” said eighth-grader Madison Jayson. “His pressure on opposing QBs will give the opposition less time to move the ball through the air.”

What we have learned from this NFL offseason is that anything can happen, especially when no one expects it. Many moves and trades occurred in a frenzy. In other sports, the offseasons are becoming more popular than the regular seasons, notably in the NBA and the MLB. This year’s NFL offseason may be a sign for the future that the league is hopping on board with year-round entertainment. Next up in the NFL offseason circus is the NFL Draft, starting with the first round on April 28th, and rounds two to seven going until the 30th. You can watch this on NFL Network, ABC, or ESPN.