New Student Council Officers Elected


This year’s Student Council officers are eighth graders Treasure Stein (treasurer), London Allen (vice president), Sage Ponchock (president), and sixth grader Mason Coles (secretary).

The Student Council is crucial in building and maintaining the Middle School Community here at Benjamin that we love and cherish. A good amount of students each year sign up for the Student Council, but only a few get the placement. If you didn’t know what Student Council is, it is a group of elected and volunteer students working together with an adult advisor to accomplish their goals for the Benjamin Middle School this year. There is an online survey sent to every student in the middle school where you can select your student council representatives. This year’s Student Council consists of Andrew Palmer, Dev Maharaj, Sage Ponchock, Treasure Stein, Sadie Weaver, Mason Coles, and Ava Shawe.

“I felt so honored to be Vice President of Student Council,” London Allen, the Vice President of Student Council said. She wants to make a difference in the middle school community by bringing muffins back, adding more spirit days, and more. It seems this year that bringing muffins back is a main goal for the Student Council. Furthermore, she states that she enjoys, “hearing about the amazing ideas that the student council members come up with during their meetings.”

Sage Ponchock, the President of the Student Council, loves hearing what her peers have to say, “I enjoy discussing problems or ideas with the other kids and getting multiple different inputs on a subject.”  A president should always be a good listener. Ponchock likes listening to the other member’s thoughts on what they should do for the school year.  Sage wants to, “spread a sense of unity.”  She also, “hopes to bring snacks back to the Buc Cafe.” These are only a couple of her goals this year. 

Mason Coles, a sixth-grader, is now the first sixth grader to be on the student council.  It is a great accomplishment to be the first sixth grader to be on the student council. Though Mason Coles, the Secretary, just got into middle school, he already wants to do whatever he can to help. “I wanted to run for student council because I wanted to help the middle school in every opportunity,” Coles said. A secretary is a person employed by an individual or in an office to assist with correspondence, keeping records, making appointments, and carrying out similar tasks. “I was honored that I would be the first sixth grader to serve as an officer,” Mason said. 

Student Council can spark new friendships and maybe even add new things to school life. It seems as if each member of the Student Council genuinely cares about the middle school community and is working on making the students’ wishes come true.