How Are People Celebrating Halloween This Year?

Halloween is soon, and everyone is ready for it! Photo courtesy of

Boo! It is that time of year again when people run around neighborhoods in costumes with their friends collecting candy from as many houses as possible: Halloween. However, many people celebrate Halloween differently than the traditional way of trick-or-treating. Some by watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, or going to costume parties. Last year, most people didn’t feel safe enough to go out on Halloween due to the coronavirus pandemic, but now that COVID-19 protocols are more relaxed, Halloween is back on and better than ever.  

Candy is, of course, one of the key ingredients components of any Halloween celebration. This spider web is a clever way of giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. Photo courtesy of

“This year, I am going to celebrate Halloween at my cousin’s house,” said eighth-grader, Ryan Smith Jr. “It is a costume party but I will probably go trick-or-treating a little bit too. I do not know my costume yet, but I will definitely be wearing something comfortable and not too hot. My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all of the amazing, scary decorations on the houses.”  

While house decorations are the highlight for some, there are many other exciting aspects of Halloween. Griffin Alterman, seventh-grade student said, “I’m celebrating by going trick or treating in my neighborhood with some of my friends. My favorite part is getting lots of candy and my personal favorite is sour patch watermelon. 

Sixth-grade student, Mason Coles is taking Halloween as an opportunity to hang out with friends and family. “I am celebrating Halloween this year by going trick or treating. My favorite part of Halloween is seeing other people’s costumes because some of them can be pretty funny. I have a costume, and I am going as an inflatable squid.

Spending time with family seems to be a favorite of Halloween for many. “ I am staying in my neighborhood and spending time with my family. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I get to spend a lot of time with my family and spend time with other people in my neighborhood,” said Coles.

This house is ready for Halloween as it is decked out with spooky and over-the-top decorations. Photo courtesy of

Eighth-grade student, Lila Cooper agrees with Coles and has much to say on this topic.  “Halloween is great for so many reasons but I love that I get to show off my costume and get tons of candy too.” My costume this year isn’t as elaborate than usual but I am being a butterfly. On the other hand, Matti Simonet, an eighth-grade student doesn’t celebrate Halloween at all. “I don’t really celebrate Halloween, but instead take it as a day to just relax, have fun, and eat candy. I don’t really celebrate it because I’ve never been a fan of dressing up or staying up late,” he said. 

Although he doesn’t celebrate it, Simonet enjoys the opportunity that Halloween gives him to relax and eat his favorite candies. “I love Halloween because it is an excuse to eat candy, and I don’t really get to eat that often. My favorite candy is skittles because they really pack punch with their flavors. Even though I don’t celebrate it, Halloween is a great day for me to just watch movies or just have a relaxing day,” said Simonet. 

All in all, Halloween is a night of fun where people can trick-or-treat, relax at home, watch scary movies, dress up in costumes, eat tons of candy, and really put their imaginations to the test. So get your candy bags ready because Halloween is fast approaching!