Majority of Students Returning ChefCorp Baskets


Mr. Crisafi

Sixth grader Lukas Burnett dutifully returns his ChefCorp basket to the collection tray in the sixth-grade lunch area.

As a follow up to our earlier story, “Green Baskets or Green Slips,” The Neersyde is happy to report that all but four Benjamin students successfully returned their plastic green baskets to the designated areas after lunch. These baskets are the brainchild of ChefCorp, Inc. and insure that everyday we are not using paper, Styrofoam, or the like to serve student lunches.

To insure that the majority of Benjamin students returned their baskets, two Benjamin students volunteered to make posters that reminded students to return their baskets. “I think that the poster really helped students remember to return the baskets, and I am very happy that no baskets were thrown away,” said Benjamin seventh grader Caroline Moody, one of the students who created one of the posters. This is a great improvement by the Benjamin community, as opposed to last month’s catastrophe.

“I am very pleased that all the baskets were returned,” said Student Council Advisor Mrs. Loretta Corey.  “ChefCorp does a great job in providing food and donuts to the concession stand. I think we now have excellent communication between the students and what they need to do with the baskets, thanks to Mr. Hagy and Dr. James.” But thats not all, The Benjamin Middle School has plans for the plastic cups used for donuts. “Student Council is trying to figure out a recycling plan for the donut cups we use every Thursday. It is important that we work together as a school to protect the environment,” added Mrs. Corey. Although informed several times, the majority of students did not know to return their baskets on September 11 during lunch. However, hopefully this issue will now be resolved. This is just the beginning of The Benjamin School contribution to recycling.