Students and Teachers Recap Spring Break


Mr. Crisafi

Some members of the TBS community traveled, some stayed home, but everyone seemed to enjoy their week off from school

No more homework, anxiety about finishing projects, sitting through classes, or nagging teachers. Well, for a week, at least. That is the beauty of Spring Break. After this busy and difficult year, the Benjamin students (and teachers!) got a little break from school to admire and enjoy spring’s festive spirit during the week of March 19.

Many students had different ways of enjoying the break. Some went elsewhere to enjoy the time off, while others were happy to stay at home and relax.

“I went skiing in Aspen, Colorado with my family,” said seventh grader Owen Nutter. “I love skiing down black diamonds – it makes me feel accomplished,” he said, referring to the steeper, more difficult trails at ski resorts. Owen is very adaptive to the cold weather considering that he used to live in Connecticut where snow is often present during this time of year.

Like Nutter, sixth grader Ellie Bickel also traveled. said she  “I went to South and North Carolina and Georgia.” she said. “My favorite part was Cumberland Island because we got to see wild horses.”

Other students took advantage of the time off to do some planning for their future. “I went to visit Ransom Everglades School, but just stayed in Florida,” said eighth grader Shang Wang.  “We are moving to Miami next year, so my parents and I thought it was a good idea to find a good school now,” he said. Wang did find some time to enjoy himself, too, though. “I spent time with my family as much as I could. I liked when my parents and I went to the beach and had a picnic, and I also went to an arcade.”  

Dean of Students Mr.  Jeffrey Cavallo also stayed home over the break and connected with his family. “Usually, my family and I would go on a trip, but this time I wanted to spend more time at home,” he said. “I was so excited to not be on a schedule and be able to sleep. But the most exciting part was watching movies with my family.”

Whatever people did, Spring Break was a rest from the grind of school and work that hopefully helped the students and faculty  make the final push to end the year strongly. Now, though, it is time for school to commence once again. However, there’s just seven more weeks left until the best break of the year: summer!