Free to All, the Boomin’ Bloomin’ Spring Kickoff Brings TBS Community Together


Mr. Crisafi

Sixth graders (left to right) Sloane McIlvaine, Luca Balzano, JP Jacobs, Zoe Cooper, and Mimi Chandler rock out to the music spun by the deejay at the Spring Kickoff.

It’s difficult these days to get something for nothing, but that’s not the case when it comes to Benjamin’s annual community event. On Friday, February 2, students and their families gathered on the Lower/Middle School Campus for the Boomin’ Bloomin’ Spring Kickoff where they enjoyed games, good food, and celebrate TBS’s event which was free for everyone!  Activities included rock climbing, racing in bounce houses, face painting, making wax gloves, and much more.

Seventh grader Samantha Treadwell scales the rock wall.

“​The All School Community Event is put on annually by the Benjamin Parents’ Association,” said TBS parent Mrs. Willa Cohen, who headed up the event. “The BPA’s purpose is to improve the quality of campus life by providing programs and activities that encourage unity within the school community.”

The Kickoff did just that, as students from all three divisions attended the event.  

“The Community Event is always a fun event with field games, various entertainment, music, and always a yummy barbecue cookout put on by Cheney Brothers,” added Cohen. “The event is the one day out of the school year that brings students, parents, and staff together to celebrate The Benjamin community.”

Many of Benjamin’s students enjoyed the event. “It was very fun,” said sixth grader Wilson Stewart. “I liked how there were a lot of things to do. There was a rock wall, bungee jump, and bounce houses.”“I liked the spring kickoff,” added fellow sixth grader Adam Mahmoud. “I brought a soccer ball and played soccer with my friends, and [I liked] that most of the School came [out].”

Although most students enjoyed the experience, not all of them did. “It was not much fun,” said seventh grader William Harris. “It could have had a few more activities. [I did not like] waiting around [in] all the lines.”

Mr. Crisafi
Seventh grader Sophie Marx gets a tropical tattoo on her arm during the event.

Ms. Cohen is always looking for ways to improve the event, and she has some ideas on how to make  the Spring Kickoff even better going forward. “I would move it back to the Upper School, she said. “It’s a great opportunity for our lower school parents and students to see and enjoy the beautiful campus. I would also plan ahead and try to organize a couple of competitive parent and faculty games. Who wouldn’t love to see parents and faculty playing dodgeball or ultimate frisbee against each other, or even facing off on the tennis court?”

Perhaps TBS will see some of these changes next year, but there is no doubt that the annual community event keeps getting better and better. The best part may be that it is absolutely free, and that is something on which everyone, no matter what their age, can agree.