Louisa Weed Elected Student Council Vice-President


Rissy Dalton

Eighth grader Louisa Weed addresses the students in the BPAC on the morning of Aug. 31, 2015.

In the only real race of this year’s student council elections, eighth grader Louisa Weed won the majority of her peers’ votes and will take her place amongst fellow eighth graders Nicolas Lama (president), Ryan O’Neill (treasurer), and Hudson Hale (secretary) as officers of this year’s class.

Weed ran against fellow eighth grader Mitch Faloona and, despite the fact that all of the other officers were unopposed, all five candidates delivered speeches to their middle school peers in the BPAC on the morning of August 31.

After the morning assembly, the students voted for the office of vice president via a Google form that was emailed to them during assembly.

Check back for updates to this story as we will have reactions from the candidates in the coming hours.