Apple Release Recap


Each year, leading technology companies release new products around the same time. In 2022, Apple released a new iPhone and more.


The now multi-billion dollar company, Apple Inc., was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Starting with its original Apple I computer, Apple currently ranges in a multitude of products fitting every category of personal technology. They revolutionized the smartphone industry and have had a long-time rival with Microsoft regarding computers. Like many other technology companies, Apple arranges its yearly product reveal during the fall. These events typically include a new watch, iPad, computer, iPhone, and the highly anticipated software update.

Considering the success of last year’s release, Apple had a high precedent to sustain and overachieve, so they did just that.


The Apple Watch has been a fan-favorite product since the Series 0 in 2015. Its practicality and wearability have made it a sleek piece of technology and accessory. Over the years, both minor and significant improvements have been made to each watch version. Crash detection, cycle tracking, and other new features have also been added, and further improvements have been made to the watch’s dust and crack resistance. Low Power Mode is one significant new feature added to all watches that are Series 7 or more recent. A highly requested addition, it can be turned on to increase the longevity of the watch’s battery by eliminating message notifications. Alongside the release of the Series 8, the smaller and cheaper Apple Watch SE has been introduced with similar features to earlier versions of the watch.

Amid two other watch releases, Apple announced a completely new and reimagined design: the Apple Watch Ultra. Built for adventurers, a more prominent display and tougher materials make this watch the most durable product in this year’s line.  Like other watches, the Ultra is entirely waterproof but also introduces depth tracking in the water. Designers added a new button on the side to control new features such as the Compass Waypoint. It can also sound like a siren if held down. Its exercise tracking is more precise than any other model to provide athletes with accurate results. Its battery life can last up to thirty-six hours for long expeditions.

iPad and Computers:

iPad models have evolved exponentially in recent years. Many changes have been made from the original iPad to the Pro to improve the screen, quality, and functionality. With the addition of an M2 chip, the iPad is now super-powered and charged! Apple has added a magnetic holder to hold an Apple Pencil at the top of the iPad. It also has two cameras. The iPad’s new liquid retina brings its screen to life with vibrant colors. Apple has made minor software improvements to the regular iPad and iPad mini, but none are worth mentioning.

Apple has included MacBook laptops in its lineup for years, both the Air and Pro. Like the iPads, they are now supercharged by M1 or M2 chips. The MacBook Pro has a 13”, 14”, or 16” inch screen. The 13” comes with an 8-core GPU processor, and the 14” and 16” come with a 10-core. The new chip also adds up to 20 hours of battery life which is vital to students.


Apple’s launched the Mac Studio and Mac Pro. These setups consist of a monitor screen and box processor. The Mac Studio is smaller than the Mac Pro, so it fits comfortably on a desk. The Studio’s monitor is a 27’ inch 5K retina display, and the Pro’s is a 32’ inch 6K retina display.

iPhone and iOS Update:

Out of all the products Apple releases yearly, phones are arguably the most popular among customers. These devices are the epitome of Apple’s brand, lightweight, portable, and versatile brand. New, never before used features are present in this year’s iPhone 14. It comes in four different varieties: the regular 14, the 14 Plus, the 14 Pro, and the 14 Pro Max. These types of smartphones are standard in each year’s release. As usual, the regular 14 is only equipped with two cameras, one wide and one ultra-wide. The 14 Pro has three. Although it is more expensive, consumers usually buy the best phone option upon release. Seventh-grader Sarah Acevedo says, “I wanted to try something new. This [iPhone 14 Pro] is my first iPhone, so I felt it would be a good option. The Pro looks sleek, and the new designs make the iPhone’s usage easy like it always was.” 

From left to right and back to front, the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro


Most of the iPhone 14’s features are relatively uniform to recent models except for the front camera. Although not present in the regular 14, the Pro’s selfie camera is now incorporated into the screen, giving it new abilities. Apple has given it the name Dynamic Island. The person’s name will appear at the top of the screen alongside soundwaves when calling someone on the phone. Similar motions appear when there is active navigation on the phone. The street name and the next crossing direction like callers do. There are also other apps compatible with Dynamic Island.

Across all iPhones, iOS 16 has been put into effect. With countless new personalization opportunities, the Lock Screen has been changed completely. Eight new fonts and many colors have been added to customize the time of day. Similarly to the Home Screen, widgets are now supported with various apps. Widgets can be used to display small bits of information from different apps. One can now have the temperature, and upcoming events, among other things, appear on the screen. Multiple lock screen wallpapers can be added and paired with the home screen. iOS 16 also has new focus filters, family-sharing abilities, and more. 

Critics, customers, and students have praised the fresh crop of devices overall. Seventh-grader Beckett Yeary says, “Each year, Apple products get better and better, but this year was revolutionary. They got rid of all the home buttons for the iPad, they created three new Apple Watches, and one new Apple Watch line, and they also created an M2 Mac processor.” Speculations have already arisen about a potential iPhone 15 if Apple keeps with its theme. What will come in 2023?