New Teacher “Mr. Pettit” Joins the Middle School


Melea Morgan

Mr. Pettit teaching his C period class.

The Benjamin School has a fabulous staff of teachers. In addition to this, we are welcoming Mr. Pettit to Benjamin Middle School. Mr. Pettit is a long term substitute for seventh-grade English teacher Mr. Ginnety while he is on paternity leave. 

Mr. Pettit started on October 18, 2022, on the first day of the second quarter. He is taking on Mr. Ginetty’s role as an English teacher and an advisor. 

“I was like a babysitter for the little kids in aftercare last year,” says Mr. Pettit. “I am very happy to now be a substitute for the older kids now.”

Mr. Pettit is an alumni from the Benjamin School. He graduated in 2016 as a Benjamin School student. He is now teaching along with his previous teachers from when he was in Middle School. 

“When I was a student, I had Mrs. Devine as a teacher,” he says. “Now I am teaching beside her for the Middle School.”

Many students now have Mr. Pettit as an advisor and a teacher for this time. Students state they like having him as their teacher. 

“I have Mr. Pettit as a substitute advisor and I really like him because he is very nice and kind,” says seventh-grade student Kiki Duffy. 

Mr. Pettit teaching his C period class. (Melea Morgan)


Many students might think he will be teaching differently from Mr. Ginnety. However, he is following his plan very seriously, so it is not too different for the students. 

“I do not want to teach too differently from Mr. Ginnety so it is not such a big difference for the students,” says Mr. Pettit. 

Mrs. Ponchock, a sixth and seventh-grade English teacher, is also very thrilled to be working with Mr. Pettit during this time.

“I am very happy to be working with Mr. Pettit because he is enthusiastic and he brings an interesting perspective because he is a recent graduate so he knows what kids need,” says Mrs. Ponchock. 

Mr. Pettit and the Middle School students are very thrilled to have a new additional teacher teaching in the Benjamin Middle School.