Student Council Elections


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   Traditions are cherished by all, especially at the Benjamin School. This year, in early September, student council elections were held. These elections are held yearly in The Middle School. Four positions were available to four different students. These positions, which are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, are very important to us. This is something we all look forward to in Middle School. Each year holds different possibilities with candidates. Every year people have new opinions and can vote for other people. This creates diversity, which is something Benjamin believes in. Since school is just starting, we all can look forward to the elections.

   Student council is known for many things, such as sales at the Buc Cafe. So, it is something that is treasured in our community. It’s treasured because every late start day, you can usually go to the Buc Cafe and buy muffins and other breakfast foods. These are nice little things that we can eat mostly every Wednesday.

   One candidate for student council is Isabella Anthon. Though this is her third consecutive year of running for student council, this is her first time running in the Middle School.“I ran for class representative in fourth and fifth grade, and I did run for a very small position as Sergeant in Arms last year, but I got second place,” she says. 

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   Her competition, Mason Coles, was a tough opponent. “Mason, I mean, I’ve known Mason for a long time, he was secretary last year, I think that definitely helps him [Mason] out,” Anthon says.

   Coles has been running for a couple years, especially in the Lower School. “I ran both years, in fourth and fifth grade, and I won,” he says, recalling when he first started. “I believe there is a lot of competition,” he states. 

   “I think it’s cool that kids get to run for a student council,” says seventh grader Cam Rosenburg. “Since middle schoolers are older, it’s great that we can be a part of something this big.” He says.  

   “I’m hoping that the new student council representatives will have new ideas on how to improve or add to the Middle School,” eighth grader Rita Janin says.


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Mr. Ginnetty, a seventh grade English teacher, is one of the people in charge of the student council. “I have been running the student council since 2017,” he says. He talks about how he enjoys it, and how it is great for middle school to have it. 

According to Mr. Ginnetty, the number of candidates varies from year to year. “Last year, there were only a few who were running for the positions, this year is one of the biggest slates we’ve had in years,” he states. 

A tradition, as defined, is a specific practice of long standing. For us, our tradition is the elections.