New Students, New Year

Benjamin has traditionally been a mostly American community, although this year the school has accepted many new international students. Some of these students are fluent in multiple languages. As new students come to Benjamin from all across the globe, the school has become more culturally diverse.

Let’s hear from a new student from Zurich, Switzerland: Maxi. Maxi is a seventh grader who speaks German, French, English, Hungarian, and Italian. He is adapting well to the new school and thinks it is much nicer than Switzerland where he says they “had only one classroom and two teachers for everyone.” The one thing Maxi thinks he misses is that “it was more peaceful in Switzerland, though [he] can make more friends here”. He has already been welcomed by the school and enjoys the environment.

Christian Rondini is also a new student to Benjamin. He came from Amsterdam and has lived there for all of his life. Christian enjoys the school because of how everything is outside, unlike his old school which didn’t have much outdoor space. He speaks English as well as Dutch fluently and is currently studying French at school. Although he “[misses] all of his friends at his old school” he has already made new friends. While moving can be hard, the school’s welcoming community will help Christian in that process.

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Christian said he sometimes reminisces about the canals in Amsterdam. He stated, “When I was younger I used to swim in the canals.” He would bike on a path next to these canals on the way to school and around the city.

Mrs. York is a French and Spanish teacher who has been working with Benjamin for 21 years. She took French starting in 8th grade and continued learning languages, skipping Analytics in favor of Spanish. She says, “I chose Benjamin because of the high level of performance from students.” As a senior, she earned the French award. At the time she was surprised, but looking back, she sees that she earned it. She later went on to state that the program taught in 6th grade at Benjamin confused other 10th grade classes she taught. She recently obtained French citizenship two years ago and plans to continue teaching at Benjamin. “The school feels like family,” she said. Even though she loves teaching at Benjamin she says that “France will never get old.” Ever since she was young Mrs. York has been fascinated by French culture.Benjamin as a school is expanding, which means more students will come in from across the globe. The school’s community will strengthen with the addition of many new international students. The school has recently come to represent many new heritages.