New Substitute Teacher Joins Science Department


Matti Simonet

Mr. Hunt helps eighth grader Shay Patel with his chemistry work during class.

A new assistant substitute teacher has joined the middle school faculty. Mr. Joel J. Hunt is now part of the eighth-grade science department this year, but he won’t hesitate to help other departments out as well. 

Before joining the Benjamin community, Hunt lived and worked in Chicago, Illinois where he was a material scientist for ten years and taught math for seven years, giving him the experience and knowledge he needed to teach the eighth graders at TBS. Hunt has welcomed the change of scenery, though. “I love[s] the environment and ambience and weather of Florida,” he said.

TBS has impressed him as well. 

Mr. Hunt stands proudly in the eighth grade chemistry classroom. (Matti Simonet)

“I love the curriculum and the campus, as well as the staff. Things like the honor classes and the STEM program are really advanced, and these things are something most kids won’t see until later years of high school or early college,” he said.

Right now, Hunt is a substitute assistant, but he hopes that will change in the near future. “I hope [to become a teacher], that’s my goal,” says Mr. Hunt.

He has already made a positive impact with the eighth graders.

“Yes I like Mr. Hunt, he is a very nice and genuine guy,” said eighth grader Ishe Makoni. “He is always there to help. It feels like he knows when you need help, and is very comforting in a way.”

“I like Mr. Hunt because he is very helpful and kind to all his students, and has interesting stories to tell,” said fellow eighth-grader Claire Perkins.

Eighth grader James Tepper agrees, especially when it comes to Hunt’s storytelling.

“I like him as a teacher because he tells really interesting stories, and is interested in what the students say,” he said.

Hunt’s TBS colleagues think highly of him as well.

“He is professional, he has quite an amazing background, and he is a forward, positive thinker,” said STEM Coordinator Mr. Matthew Oster.=

With his bright mind and great intellect, Hunt is always ready to step up to the plate to assist any students in need.