Gamers Highly Anticipating Minecraft’s Biggest Update Yet

Mojang, the developer of Minecraft – the best-selling video game of all time – is currently creating its new Minecraft update. Players are eager to see what Mojang has in store for the 3D sandbox game which allows players to build any number of structures and explore a variety of environments within a vast landscape meant to look like old 8-bit video games.

“I love to build things in Minecraft, especially when I am playing with my friends,” said seventh grader Matteo Montes de Oca.

“I love the creativeness and possibilities that are built-in with Minecraft,” said fellow seventh grader James Tepper.  “You can build anything you want, and the new update will make it even better.” 

On October 3 at Minecon 2020, a Minecraft convention where fans get to hear what Minecraft has in store, the new caves and cliffs update was announced. There has never been a cave update since the game came out in 2011. However, players around the world have been longing for a cave environment to explore, and their patience has finally paid off.  With the new release slated for summer of 20201, it will feature new biomes like the lush caves and dripstone caves. 

The lush caves will be a new biome users can explore. (Photo courtesy of

The lush caves are an underground cave biome that features a grassy environment dotted with colorful flowers as well as a new mob (what Minecraft players call beings, or entities, in a Minecraft world. They are the players, the monsters, the villagers, etc.) The new mob is called the Axolotl – a water-based companion that players can take along with them to fight guardians and elder guardians. The only way to find a lush cave is to find an azalea tree in the game – a tree with lilac flowers growing on it.

Other new biomes include an archeological excavation where users can find ceramic shards and other items, and the Deep Dark which is supposed to be at the “deepest depths of the world,” according to Minecraft Wiki, so it will be hard for users to find. The last biome will be the Dripstone Cave – a massive cave with lots of stalactites and stalagmites. 

The 1.17 version will also introduce a variety of new mobs. As Mojang always does, it revealed three new mobs at this year’s Minecon: the glowing squid found in the depths of Minecraft’s Ocean, the ice lager found in snowy biomes on mountains, and the moobloom. The ice lager will attack players by making snow clouds above them and giving them the slowness effect, while the moobloom is a variant of the mooshroom that can be utilized for flower farms and other crops. Mojang had the community take a vote on which mobs would make it into the game. 

“I voted for the Moobloom because I think it’s better than the other mobs,” said seventh-grader Drew Palmer. “The ice lager looks like it will just be annoying, and the glow squid doesn’t do much.” 

However, the glow squid ended up winning the vote, so players can count on seeing this mob in 1.17. Another mob that will also be added to the game is the goat. This mob spawns on cliffs and knocks off cows and other mobs. The goat is a neutral mob, meaning that it won’t hurt players until they hurt it. 

The new warden mob is a large being that can inflict heavy damage on gamers. (Photo courtesy of

The biggest new mob that players are extremely excited about is the previously mentioned warden. The warden lurks in subterranean caverns and is a hostile mob, meaning it will attack players. However, the Warden is a blind mob, so it cannot see the user’s avatar,  it can only find a player using sound. When a user approaches a Warden, he should stay crouched and not make a sound because the Warden is not an easy kill. It is way stronger than the Iron Golem and can kill a player in full netherite armor in two shots. Netherite armor is the most powerful armor in the game. 

Some fans are excited about this new mob and the challenge it presents.

“I think the warden looks cool, and that will be fun to fight since it is blind,” said Montes de Oca. 

The Axolotl is another new mob that players are extremely ecstatic about. The Axolotl is a tameable pet that comes in three different colors. These pets are found in lush caves and can be put in a bucket. Once released from the bucket, it will follow players around and fight hostile sea creatures like guardians and elder guardians. 

Along with new biomes and mobs, there are also new items coming to Minecraft. The first item is the amethyst which can be found by breaking amethyst clusters. They can be crafted into tinted glass, blocks of amethyst, and spy glasses. Another item that seems very useful is the bundle. Bundles can only hold 64 blocks, so 64 blocks of cobblestone that take up one slot can be put in a bundle that also takes up one slot. The purpose of bundles is to put various blocks in one slot if the sum of those blocks is less than or equal to 64. Bundles can be crafted with two strings and six rabbit hides and can be emptied by simply right-clicking on one. 

The new version of the game also introduces a new ore: copper. It can be found in copper ore and must be obtained by smelting the ore in a furnace. Once smelted, the copper can be crafted into copper blocks, lightning rods, and spy glasses. A cool feature that has never been seen before in Minecraft is that the copper can rust if it is left out for too long. This does not make it unusable, but just changes the way it looks. 

“I think the fact that the copper can change over time is cool, and could change the way your building looks over time, making it possibly look more realistic, ” said Tepper.

The last item featured is the spyglass which can be crafted with two copper and one amethyst, allowing users to zoom in to locations far off in the distance.

 Next summer can’t get here fast enough as many gamers are eager to dive into the ambitious 1.17 update which promises a lot of new features to explore and with which to interact.