ABC Study Halls Not Perfect, But Welcomed by Students


Matteo Montes de Oca

Seventh grader Dev Maharaj gets some homework done during ABC.

Homework is now just as easy as ABC. That’s Academic Boot Camp if you’re a Benjamin Middle School student. Since school started from online to in-person on August 31, ABC – basically a 35-minute study hall – was placed at the end of the daily schedule for students (2:45-3:20 p.m.).  It was originally designed to allow students to meet in their advisory classrooms to get their homework done and meet with teachers. 

Seventh grader Dylan Bennett takes advantage of his time in Mrs. Dumont’s ABC. (Matteo Montes de Oca)

However, in the last couple of weeks, ABC has been modified to allow extra class time for teachers to teach on alternate days, most specifically math and English. For example, this past week students attended ABC in their advisory classrooms but checked in with their math teachers on Monday and Wednesday and their English teachers on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday was reserved for advisory and a general study hall. Still, despite the daily check-ins, students appreciate the extra time to get work done at the end of the day. 

“I like that ABC gives us time to do homework at school to lighten our load at home and reduce stress,” said seventh-grader Han Tang.

I like that ABC is a perfect amount of time at the end of the day to get your work done,” said eighth grader Bailey. 

“ABC benefits students by giving them more time to get things done, which cuts off a lot of stress,” said seventh grader Dev Maharaj. 

Teachers think it’s a good idea, too. 

“I think [ABC] benefits the students that take advantage of it; students who get their work done, Zoom and ask questions of their teachers, and make up tests and quizzes benefit from it,” said middle school history and Spanish teacher Mrs. Andrea Dumont. 

She also believes the subject-specific days within ABC are beneficial.

“It gives students the opportunity to speak to their teachers for questions,” she said.

“It is a good idea if teachers have something they would like to cover with their students that they couldn’t finish in class that week,“ said Dean of Academics Mr. Chuck Maddox.

Some students disagree.

The only thing I do not like about ABC is that it is now being used for all classes as a teaching period, so it is less time for homework,” said Bailey.

“I don’t think it is good because if they are teaching, you don’t get much homework done,” said Maharaj.

“I believe that ABC should be a little longer,” said Tang. “The homework gets increasingly hard as the year progresses.” 

While ABC may continue to be fine-tuned, it definitely seems to be a helpful addition to the school day.

“I think ABC is a great time for students to work on their homework or to Zoom with teachers for extra help,” said Maddox.