The Master’s Recap


Tiger Woods waves goodbye to the fans as he finishes the eighteenth hole, after making a very inspirational comeback.

It is a tradition unlike any other. Two weeks ago, The Masters, a professional golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, lived up to all of the much anticipated hype. This tournament is one of the four majors in PGA (Professional Golf Association) and was the 86th year running. 

Tradition is key at the Masters. “I think the Master’s tradition is one of the best in all of the sports. It has been played at Augusta ever since the beginning, unlike many other events,” said Seventh-grade boys varsity golf player Andrew Tsar.

Rory McIlroy celebrates after holing out from the bunker at the 18th hole in the last round to take second place.

Eighth-grader Reid Waxman enjoys the tournament for its prestige and quirky conventions. “I think it is very legendary and unique. I like how the winner has to pick the dinner and it’s very unique and fun,” said Waxman. 

The previous winner chooses a meal for the Tuesday Dinner before the tournament starts. We asked people here at TBS what their ideal “Master’s Dinner” would be, including Middle school athletic director and Varsity Golf  Coach, Toby Harbeck.  “I would probably choose prime rib, twiced baked potato, and caesar salad, ” said Harbeck. 

Augusta National is an iconic course filled with beautiful pine trees and perfectly cut greens. “It is one of the nicest and prettiest, but I think it is an easier layout. I think it is getting better for the players, because the equipment is getting more advanced,” said Middle School Golf Coach and Science Department Chair Mathew Oster.

The course only gets more beautiful up close. “I have been there four times, and it is cool and beautiful. Every blade of the grass is perfectly cut, and everyone is so nice,” said Harbeck. 

The Masters was a well fought battle between the whole field. “The Masters was amazing as always, and the players fought hard,” said Oster.

Scottie Sheffler receives the Green Jacket from Hideki Matsuyama after winning his first Masters.

Out of all the troubles Augusta National brought, Scottie Scheffler went up top and won his first major in his young career. Augusta once again held a great tournament, and brought the intensity up to the last hole. The tradition, unlike any other, continues to perfectly set the stage for the major golf season, and the golfing world can not wait for the next major tournament, The PGA Championship in May.