The Return of Winter Sports


During the girls soccer team against Rosarian, Caroline Welke gets the ball and tries to score.

Covid has changed up sports in and out of school, from social distancing to wearing masks. However, the players’ passion does not change and practice wages on. “I have always liked the skill that is involved in playing and the work that goes into getting better,” said eighth-grader Caroline Welke. That being said, practices look different with how it is set up. “We sometimes have to place our water bottles 6 feet apart and the coaches have to wear masks but playing does not change,” said Welke. 

Playing a lifelong sport with what you feel like is your family is a great way to make it through an unusual time. “Soccer is the sport I am most familiar with and I love it, it feels like a family. I have played it since I was five years old. You get to meet more people and it creates a bond between teammates,” says seventh-grader Phoebe Apple. “I LOVE IT [coaching] !!! It makes me so happy to see my colleagues and to continue working with Coach Ponchock.  I am excited to get to know Middle School students and connect with them before they come to the Upper School,” says Anne Franzen, an upper school Social Studies teacher and Middle School Assistant Soccer Coach.

Mrs.Ponchock brings in the girl’s soccer team before the game to give them a pep talk.

Having a sport you have done your whole life is amazing, but also starting a new sport is a great opportunity. “I have always liked playing/watching basketball. I thought it was really entertaining, so I decided to play,” says Crossman.

Playing sports keeps you in shape and creates special bonds. “I chose to play basketball because I wanted to have fun while getting a great exercise,” says eighth-grader Noah Crossman.

Having an encouraging team and coach makes all the difference in wanting to show up day in and day out and making bonds with teammates and coaches.

Kamden Gilles is looking at the court getting ready to make a move. 


 During tough times can last a lifetime and create a family atmosphere. “This does build up a family in our team because everyone is in it together and everyone gives maximum effort no matter what and I think that is great,” says Crossman. 

Playing sports in and out of school is a great way to get exercise, meet new people, and find something you love. Covid has messed up practices and games, but the athletes still keep on pushing themselves and keep on creating new bonds.