Students And Faculty Hope To Serve Their Communities On MLK Day

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’” said Martin Luther king Jr. in 1957. Those words linger on today and become more relevant with Martin Luther King Jr. day this past weekend.

Martin Luther King Jr. waves to a supporting crowd. (

As we remember Martin Luther King Jr., we take this day to help others and society. With a new variant of Covid though, and people returning from mass travel, cases are surging. This means that most of us are forced to stay home for the day, however, this won’t stop us at Benjamin from helping others. 

Many people decided to take up the charge at home such as eighth grader Bella Blount. “I can do things like, cleaning up the yard, taking care of my cousins, etc. which in a whole will make a happier and more involved community,” says Blount.

People all around are individually doing beach clean ups, and other activities. Even though they may be alone, they know they are helping the community out.“My dad and I might go on a walk to the Juno Beach pier and pick up trash along the way…I also just like to give back to the community by helping out.” says sixth grader Isabella Anthon.

If you are feeling a little afraid of gathering in big groups but want to help the greater community, helping people out in your neighborhood is a great place to look. “I have a lot of elderly people in my neighborhood and I am going to reach out to them to see if I can help them around their homes in any way,” says eighth and seventh grade P.E. teacher Gregory Keller.

We have this day to remember Dr. King and his mission to help and unite others. However, helping the community and helping each other is a responsibility we take on every day no matter the circumstances, proven by our community’s percervierneceness to help others during Covid